Organizations We Affiliate With

Explicit Imports is new on the scene, but its members have a long history of being deeply involved in other well established clubs.  The aim of Explicit Imports is to bring together the import enthusiast community across the nation, and to hold events for various charity organizations.

The 417 German Autostil is a German car enthusiast group based out of Springfield, MO. We welcome all brands of German cars, including VW, Audi, BMW and any of their subsidiary companies. We hold events monthly, including cruises, show n shines and meet n greets.​

The Midwest Auto Alliance was founded in order to help create a more quality automotive scene in the Midwest area starting in the Southwest Missouri region. Our mission is to help car, bike, and automotive enthusiasts in the area quickly find, join, and get involved in a local club or group. We believe this will help strengthen the relationships of our clubs and groups spread across the midwest, as well as host bigger and better events and meets.

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